๐ŸŽฎThe Bitcoin Dogs Game

The Game, explained.

Inspired by Tamagotchi, BDโ€™s Game is about having fun & being rewarded while raising and caring for Bitcoin Dogs. As the dogs grow, so do the ownersโ€™ benefits and engagement. The game combines nostalgic elements such as pixelated graphics and retro UI/UX with on-chain capabilities.

On-chain vs Off-chain

We hold a rather simple view on this issue: Assets on-chain; Non-assets off-chain.

Breeding, racing, the social stuff โ€“ we'll do all that off-chain. Faster, smoother. No blockchain slowdowns.

Ownership? On-chain. NFTs, trading, the marketplace. Immutable.

Core Gameplay:

  • Daily Care: Players are tasked with providing routine care for their dogs. For instance, feeding your dogs with foods available in the game store.

  • Social Sharing: Share your actions in game to get rewarded. You'll be able to share everything you do.

  • BARK Token: To perform such daily care activities, players must possess BARK, the in-game token. There are three ways to earn BARK:

    1. By sharing links about their daily care activities, like feeding. Tokens are rewarded when others click these links

    2. Level up your dog to farm BARK

    3. Get rewarded by winning our Dog Showdown Events.

  • Dog Showdown: Event-based Community dog showdown will be hosted on a regular basis, where the entire community come together to parade their dogs on Twitter. Engagement is the key to win. Winners, naturally, are the most liked dogs in the show. As the one of the only two ways to get in-game tokens, winners are awarded a good amount of in-game tokens to spend.

  • Growth Through Care: The growth of the dog is influenced by the quality and consistency of care. For example, varying dog foods that influence appetite levels and general body health as food that can be bought from in-game tokens. New items will be added to the in-game Store as the community plays on.

Progression to Advanced Gameplay:

  • Leveling Up: The dogs grow and level up if given consistent care. Growing up is necessary for it to unlock advanced features.

  • Transition to โ€˜Workโ€™ Farming $0DOG: After reaching a certain level, the dogs start doing โ€˜workโ€™, or farming $0DOG tokens (Note: this will be an EVM token which has financial values, and not the in-game token). As the players would continue to care and level up their dogs, the gameplay advances to higher stages. (the dog will continue to farm $0DOG even after reaching the next stage, which means the abilities gained is cumulative)

Advanced Gameplay:

  • Dog Races: The high-level dogs may participate in dog races, with a good amount of rewards.

  • Challenge Duels: Players with dogs at proper levels can challenge others to races with a betting system. An example is as follows:

Alex challenges Tobi to a dog race duel with 100 $0Dog tokens.

Tobi accepts the challenge and thus also bring forward 100 $0DOG tokens to the pool. Alexโ€™s dog was taken better care of so he wins in the end, and itโ€™s winner-takes-all.

Alex walks away with 200 $0DOG tokens.

Tobi, on the other hand, has 100 $0DOG less in his pocket and would need to take better care of his dog in order to get his revenge.

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