🐩NFT Bitcoin Dogs Club

Welcome to Bitcoin Dogs, where impecable standards are the norm.

Our dogs aren't just digital furballs; they're meticulously bred pixel hounds from the finest virtual homes.

An NFT Collection for Everyone

Our collection of 10,000 NFTs is like a dog show in your pocket. Whether you're here for puppies or a BRC-20 frenzy, we've got you covered. This shizzle is about to explode faster than you can cough BAYC out. We want max hype, max marketing and some secret viral sauce until no one can talk about anything else.

Show Off, Trade, and Strut Your Stuff

Fancy a vision of you screenshotting ownership of an NFT that has pumped into a behemoth? In the Bitcoin Dogs NFTs collections, you can curate and parade your digital companions for the world (and potential buyers) to drool over if that's your bag, or you can, you know...cash in.

Your Digital Doggo Paradise!

Join the paw-ty at Bitcoin Dogs Club, where collecting, breeding, and socializing blend into a good time - one you just can't stop playing! Collect a variety of digital dogs, enjoy surprising breeding results, and connect with fellow dog lovers and let's face it, a bunch of absolute degens. It's all the fun of a dog park, right in middle of the sweet sweet world of crypto!

The Bitcoin Dogs Club: Where the Elite Meet to Compete

Imagine a place where $0DOGs roam free and everyone speaks fluent dog. The Bitcoin Dogs Club, a decentralized market custom-tailored for Bitcoin Dog aficionados. This is where the magic happens: buying, selling, and trading virtual canines in a bustling hub of activity.

Exclusive? You Bet Your Tail It Is

Reserved for $0DOG holders, this club is as exclusive as it gets. Think of it as a VIP lounge, with velvet curtains, winks from over the bar and champagne on tap.

A Small Price for a Big Bark

Every deal in the Bitcoin Dogs Club Marketplace comes with a modest 0.5% transaction fee. Why? Because even virtual dogs need a sustainable ecosystem. These fees aren't just numbers; they're the lifeblood of our project, pooling into a reward fund that's all about giving back to the community (that's you by the way).

From Fees to Fiestas

What do we do with these fees? We throw them back into the party pot. Think community events, giveaways, and other tail-wagging initiatives that make the Bitcoin Dogs experience more barktastic..erm..barkalicious. Barksome?

Trading with Heart

The Bitcoin Dogs Exchange is more than a platform; it's a testament to unity. Here, players can securely swap their digital companions, with all fees flowing right back into creating a sustainable, thriving community for all.

Rarity Scale: From OG to Sausage

Rarity is our middle name. From the legendary 'OG Dog' – with only eight strutting their stuff in the digital world – to the 500 'Sausage $0DOGs' – our NFTs are as varied as the breeds at a dog show. Get ready to collect, trade, and revel in the uniqueness of having the 0DOG you love on the end o' that gold chain!

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