900 Million Paws, 900 Million Tokens: The $0DOG Story

Did you know there are 900 million lil cutsy dogs out there, each with their own bark and swagger? In honor of every single one of these furry friends, from the Chihuahuas to the Mastiffs, $0DOG boasts a total supply of 900,000,000 tokens – that's right, one token for every snout and paw on the planet! Because in the world of Bitcoin Dogs, no pup gets left behind.

The presale will mint 90% of total supply, at 810,000,000 tokens. But wait, there's more to this tale:

  • 2% Dev Team Treats:

We're locking in our devs with a juicy 2% of the tokens, stashed away on a 12-month vesting schedule. Why? Because we're in it for the long haul, and we want our pack leaders (a.k.a., the dev team) to stay focused on the big, juicy bone – our long-term vision.

  • 3% Up the Marketing Tree

We're setting aside 3% to turn our marketing into a howl-fest. Picture dog lovers yapping from rooftops, media outlets fetching our stories, and social communities growing faster than a pup on a protein diet. We're making sure Bitcoin Dogs is the bark of the town in the crypto world.

  • The Liquidity Pool: 5% for Smooth Swimming:

We're stashing 5% of tokens to make sure our liquidity pool is as refreshing as a doggy dip on a hot day. And get this – any unsold tokens from the presale? We're burning them. That's right, sending them to the great kennel in the sky. Why? Because you, the community, are the ones who decide how many Bitcoin Dogs get to play in the digital park.

So, there you have it – our presale plan, served with a side of fun and a dash of strategy. It's not just about releasing tokens; it's about building a community that's ready to run, fetch, and grow together. Grab your leash, Bitcoin Dogs is about to take you on a wild ride!

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Post-Presale Party: Fetch Your BRC20 Tokens!

The presale's ending is just the beginning of the fun! Once the presale curtain falls, it's time to claim your shiny BRC20 tokens. Here's how the magic happens:

  • Wallets at the Ready: Link up the wallet you used for the presale. It's like attaching a digital leash to fetch your tokens.

  • Airdrop Extravaganza: We'll be airdropping chunks of token chum to feed all the dawgs. Our aim? To get those tokens to you with the lowest gas fees possible. In the most sustainable way for the long-term vision. Think of it as us trying to avoid those pesky digital traffic jams and doggy dips.

  • Gas Fee Juggling: If the gas fees are soaring higher than a dog's jump for a frisbee, we might hold off for a bit – but only to save you some coins. For the dawgs that cannot wait, we will drop you a treat or two. We know some of you are ballers.

  • Tokens Landing in Your Bitcoin Address: Like a well-trained dog returning to its owner, airdropped tokens will steadily arrive right at your designated Bitcoin address.

So stay ready and keep your eyes on the prize. The post-presale token airdrop is going to be the start of the next phase of the madness - listingggggg!

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