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Dev Notes

Social Sharing

Built-in to the core of Bitcoin Dogs Ecosystem, Social Sharing is where popularity yields rewards. The players get rewarded for sharing their activities such as feeding a dog to receive BARK Tokens. The more you share, the better off you'll be. The social integration encourages closer connection between the players and also boosts the presence of game.

In-game Assets


The essential in-game utility currency.

  • Utilities: All in-game activities are powered by BARK, such as purchasing various grades of fine foods that give different rates of growth & health to your dogs.

  • Versatility: Exchangeable with $0DOG.

  • Obtainability: BARK can be acquired

    1. Social Sharing from gameplay & Event rewards

    2. Level up your dog to acquire the ability to farm BARK


The main on-chain currency with real world value.

  • Property: The common wealth token for the community, unifying BRC and ERC markets with its universal reach. Additional chain expansion is in the pipeline.

  • Versatility: Trade-able across both ERC and BRC markets, offering extensive on-chain interoperability.

  • Obtainability: There are 3 ways to get $0DOG

    1. Presale (the most economical way)

    2. In-game mechanics such as Duels

    3. Secondary market


The PvP (Player vs Player) in the Bitcoin Dogs Game starts with Challenge Duel, a Dog Racing challenge where one player challenges another to a race with a betting system.

  • Eligibility: You must posses an advanced level dog in order to challenge a fellow player to a Duel.

  • Match-up: The other player has to accept your challenge for the Racing Duel to take place. You cannot single-handedly initiate a Duel with someone. This is to prevent toxic farming behavior, especially when players' assets are at stake here.

  • Prize Pool: The challenging player picks the amount of $0DOG tokens to put in the Prize Pool, the challenged player will deposit the equal amount. Winner takes all.

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