๐ŸฆฎWhat is Bitcoin Dogs?

A warm welcome to Bitcoin Dogs

If you canโ€™t wait to be part of a Bitcoin Dogs Club, youโ€™ve come to the right place because this really is the first of its kind.

The key components of Bitcoin Dogs:

  • Bitcoin Dogs 10K NFT Collection on Ordinals

  • Bitcoin Dogs Game

  • $0DOG Tokens

  • Bitcoin Dogs Community


For nearly a decade, Bitcoin has been celebrated as digital gold, moving mountains in terms of the way we think about and use money. It has maintained a singular focus on the transfer of value from one person to another. Then came Ordinals. It opened up a whole new world for us โ€“ that's the game we're playing now.

At the forefront of this evolution is Bitcoin Dogs. Leading the expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem through NFTs, BRC-20 tokens, and gaming, it stands as the world's first BRC ICO. We align the timeline with Bitcoin's key milestones like ETF Approval and Halvings to capture the perfect moment.

By blending the $0DOG and our 10K NFT Collection with interactive gameplay, we aim to offer a truly unique, enjoyable earning experience - our homage to the OG crypto.

Who Said Crypto Can't Fetch?

Welcome to the quirky world of Bitcoin Dogs. Basically, regular cryto but with more barks and lesser bytes. No ridiculous promise this side - just a community of people who love dogs and a silly albeit slightly absurd concept on the crypto craze. All power to us. If anyone thought BTC was asleep then 2024 will be a time for a massive slap-in-the-face awakening. Watch this fly.

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