This tutorial only applies to mobile. If you are using a cell phone, select "How to buy - Desktop" on the left navigation column.

1.Select network & connect wallet

Step1: Make sure you have Metamask or another supported wallet apps on your phone.

Step2: Select the network at the top of the wallet app page, we support "Ether Master Network" and "BNB Smart Chain". If you have more than one wallet, please also select the wallet you want to purchase under the network selection field.

Step3: After successfully selecting your network and wallet, go to your browser and open the BitcoinDog website, click on "Connect Wallet" at the bottom, a "Connect Wallet" window will pop up, click on the "WalletConnect" icon, another window will pop up, select the wallet you want to use, click on it, it will jump to the wallet application and ask you to connect your wallet to our website, click "Connect" , after a few seconds you will see a confirmation message at the bottom. Now you can go back to your browser.

Step4: You know your wallet is connected when your wallet address replaces the button at the bottom of the wallet connection page.

Step5: If you return to our site and the pop-up remains and is connecting, please close the pop-up and repeat the wallet connection process again.

Step6: Your wallet is connected to our website and you can purchase $0DOG.

Please note: You can use either the browser on your phone or the in-app browser within the Wallet app, and we recommend that you use the in-app browser to make your purchase. While the steps are the same for both methods, choosing the In-App Browser makes the entire process seamless and easier to use within the Wallet app.

2.Start to purchase On ETH or BNB

Step1: Ensure that the appropriate network and wallet are selected in the Wallet app and connect the wallet to our website.

Step2: Click on "Select Payment" and select the tokens you wish to use. A window will pop up to view all options.

Step3: If you are using ETH, you can select ETH, USDT, USDC in the "Ether Mainnet" field. if you are using BNB, you can select BNB, USDT, USDC in the "BNB Smart Chain" field.

Step4: Enter how much you want to spend in the "You Pay" box and the equivalent of $0DOG will be displayed in the "You Receive" box, decide to proceed with the purchase and click "Buy Now".

Step5: Once you click โ€œBuy nowโ€, you will be redirected to your wallet app and a pop-up window asking you to confirm the transaction, click โ€œconfirmโ€ to finish the transaction(the pop-up window may not show up immediately, wait for a few sceonds). Wait for transaction complete message at the bottom, then go back to our website and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

Step6: You have now completed your purchase. Please wait a few moments to complete the transaction. Your $0DOG will be added to your balance, shown below the Buy Now button.

Step7: You have now completed your purchase. Please wait a moment to confirm the transaction. The new tokens you have just purchased will be added to your balance, which you can view under the "Buy Now" button. After successfully completing your purchase, you will be able to view your transaction on the blockchain.

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